Rafting in Nepal

Being with nature is the beautiful experience for everyone and as water is the most precious thing for whole creatures in the world. Rafting is one of the recreational activities. And it is the fact that Nepal is the world’s second richest country in water and home of the eight highest peaks of world. And most of the river’s in Nepal are originated from the high hills by melting of the snow from different mountains.

And to talk about rafting it is the recreational outdoor activities done in the fast flowing river where the speed flow of the water collides with the big rocks of the river high current will generate in the river and that is the adventurous rafting. And being rich in natural resources Nepal have lot of rivers were one can have the excellent adventurous rafting as the rive are fast flowing. Not only this, rafting at the diverse parts of Nepal will enable the visitors to know more about the remote regions and the lifestyle of the people living at the remote regions of Nepal which is the bonus benefits for the visitors.