Bungy Jumping

Jumping from a tall structure connected to large elastic rode with the modern technology is specially known as Bungy Jumping which is firstly started in Nepal from Bhote-Koshi which is  situated 160m over the wild Bhote-Koshi river which is located near form the  Nepal-Tibet border.

Though bungy jump is dangourous, it is the most demanded extreme sports. In bungy jump ankles are tied strongly with stretch elastic rope so that the jumper may not hit the ground with all the safety equipment which the players need.

As it is dangerous there is a special trained instructor who will guide for the jumper and as the players is ready for the jump with all the safety equipment. And only after the instructor’s permission jumper will jump so strong jumper can play it safely. As people jump the rope will stretched all the way and the jumper bounces back up. So with all the safety this game is started in Nepal and both the international and national people get the chance to enjoy it.